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Where Ya Been?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Believe it or not; my not-so-happy ass has been to town TWICE this week! And to the big grocery store TWICE! Gasp.

THE computer died. Like total panic mode, I can't work because the computer died. Got Computer a doctor appointment and they were able to fix it right away; thank goodness. So a trip to town for drop off and a trip to bring it home. Not what I had planned for this week but I did get to hit up the thrift store.

In other news, due to a mix up at the processor, Handsome has acquired yet another deer. I was also gifted 8 more pounds of ground venison! I went ahead and made up the cooked meat mix and have been canning with it for the past 4 days; chili, veggie soup, spaghetti meat sauce. I know what everyone is getting for Christmas!

Due to a screw up at my old job, I've been called in to clean up a mess and will be working on that for a few weeks. My posts might be hit or miss during that time.

I have plans to make a few things for gifts. The postal service says the last day to send a package thru priority mail is the 19th. Stay tuned for those updates as well.

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