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Peeing Down My Leg... Twice?!

Hay there! Long time no write! Been a little crazy again; let me explain....

Several weeks ago, Katy managed to cut her paw open, right between to the 2 top toes. Of course, vet visit.

Katy only really knows Handsome and I. There's the fault in not getting out more and taking your dogs with you. When they go to the vet, they don't know other people. She was so scared. She stayed in my lap and trembled. And peed; right down my knee, shin, calf and down onto my foot and into my sandal and onto the floor. Thankfully it all flowed forward and not backward. The vet tech was amazing and wiped up our mess. I didn't move; I didn't want her to get any more scared or think she had done wrong. We all laughed so hard, it really was funny. Katy found out that there's more ladies than Momma that are nice to her. It went a long way towards getting her more comfortable.

Vet treated her and sent her home with strict instructions not to go outside and get anything all over the bandages or in the cut. He also warned me that it would take atleast 2 weeks to heal. That meant she stayed in the house and I was getting out the puppy pads. She hated the cone but she wouldn't leave the bandages alone without it on so we struck a compromise and managed to get her paw to heal nicely in about 3 weeks' time.

Fast forward to this morning. There are several stalls in the barn and while normally the big turkeys would be held in their own stall, I've been letting them run around because it's been so blasted hot out. Different parts of the barn are different temps throughout the day. They can find shade and a breeze easier than me redirecting them several times a day. I have never had animals that are as curious, get into everything, and cause chaos as badly as these turkeys, not to mention their poo. This morning, that chaos extended to the supply area (previously not of their interest). They knocked over the disinfectant and it (of course) leaked to form a puddle in the middle of the work table, underneath a bunch of stuff. I shooed the crazy birds away and went to grab a towel to soak up the mess. Of course, in the few seconds it took me to turn around and grab the towel, one curious bird had gotten up on the table and tasted the puddle. Cue me, shrieking at the rest of the birds, grabbing this 20 pound idiot and running to the sink to rinse off her beak, tongue and face. What was my thanks? She liquid poo'd down my left leg, right into my shoe.

Lesson learned, make sure (even when it's animal-safe) to put away all the things. I'm starting to wonder if they are going to be opening cabinets next...

Have any of ya'll gotten peed on lately?

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