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It's been well over a month since I've posted anything. I completely missed July 4th so here is my belated "Happy Fourth!"

I am feeling quite a bit better. I was finally able to see my doctor and he ran bloodwork to make sure nothing was showing up; meaning effects from the poison chemical. He felt that I was probably going to be ok since I was actively recovering but warned that I should not allow it to happen again as I may not be able to recover a second time. He also thought that the reason it took me so long to feel better was because everything was doused in the chemical and with it being residual, it was still coating the environment as it slowly degraded over time.

I didn't have any way to contact the neighbor farmer so I hoped to see them around the community. They ended up showing up! We now know that my home, myself and the animals were doused with an atrazine-derivative herbicide. I don't recommend going through what we all just did for about 12 weeks. The chemical is very toxic to birds and fish. Thankfully I don't have a pond on my property. I did lose 6 chickens to the chemical dousing. The remainder of the animals appear to be fine; there really isn't a good way to tell what effect they will have until they have it. Long term effects from this chemical are breast cancer and heart problems. I'm sure there hasn't been as much research as there should be for long-term effects on humans before this chemical was pressed into use. While I have no personal experience with actual chemotherapy, from the symptoms I would equate the effects to be similar. (My heart goes out to the folks that have to go through it.)

I am so very thankful to be feeling better! 2 weeks ago, I had 4 good days in a row (I was so excited!) and spent that time catching up on running errands, cleaning, and laundry. I did get a good bit of Bible study in during my down time and while I'm not caught up with the group, I've made significant progress. Food was an issue for sure. Handsome ran and got food for us more times that I can count. Basic chores everyday took all day. I would do a bit and go rest and do a bit and go rest. I didn't want him to have to do those too.

Handsome's workplace is notorious for sending germs home and Handsome is great at infecting us both. Since one of his coworkers traveled over the 4th of July holiday, they brought back the C-bullshit. No we didn't test for it, everybody was sick and every single person had a different set of symptoms which is how we knew what it was. It was round 4 for Handsome and round 3 for me.

Now that we are both better; it's a 100 degrees outside this whole week. We are battling the effects of heat stress on everybody and everything. What's your weather like there? Please keep everyone healthy and cool!

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