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Welcome to My One Butt Kitchen

What?  How?

What's a One Butt Kitchen?  Grandma lived in a little house.  The kitchen was tiny, no room for a table.  I remember her always telling us to "Get out of my One Butt Kitchen!"  The name stuck.  Aunt had a One Butt Kitchen.  Mom had a One Butt Kitchen.


Spacious kitchens are few and far between.  I've not lived in a home or worked in an office with a large kitchen.  It was easy to learn to cook in a One Butt Kitchen because your teacher wasn't very far away! 

I've been learning to cook for more than 40 years.  I still say learning because I will never know everything AND my skills continue to improve.  Very often I try a new recipe and that flavor combination becomes part of everyday meals. 

Learning to cook also means learning to produce atleast some of your own food.  I have a few chickens.  I like to raise a bottle calf now and then.  I attempt a large garden every year.  That means that I'm cooking with fresh ingredients and often with items I've never used before.  Turns out I'm really good at growing kale but have no idea what to do with it..... 

Then you get to preserve the extra harvest!  That doesn't mean I only can what is produced in the garden.  I will can anything I'm able get my hands on.  If friends have a bumper harvest and share, I can it.  If I find a great sale on an item, I will can it. 

Get to know your food.  Grow it.  Cook it.  Preserve it. 

I started this website to share my personal knowledge about raising, preparing and canning food.  I also wanted to get a few crazy food-related memories saved for posterity sake.  I've not aspired to ever write a book; maybe a cookbook someday....  


Keeping this blog going costs a little bit of money.  I've signed up as an Amazon Affiliate to help finance the fees.  If you come across an item that you might wanna try; know that I advertised it with having personal knowledge of it's use and effectiveness.  I don't link things just because they exist.  Thank you for choosing to purchase through the link provided. 



Thank you for being here!

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