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Water Can Can!

Huh? What I mean is water can be canned.

Recently, there have been alot of folks starting to worry about the continued cleanliness of their water source; whether a private well or a city-supplied connection. It would be impossible to store away an amount of water that would last you for years. However, it is very feasible to put up enough water to last for atleast a few days to weeks during an emergency. Many times, emergencies arise so quickly, there is no time to prepare in advance. Having water on your shelves could literally save your life in some instances. Canning water is simple and it's something you can add in while you're working on other products to can.

How to can water:

  • Gather clean jars in the largest size that will fit in your canner for correct processing. In my case, that is quart jars.

  • Gather new lids and clean rings and get those heating in a simmering pot or slow cooker.

  • Fill the jar or jars you wish to process with filtered water, now is not the time to fill jars straight from the tap.

  • Lid the jars and add in a spare spot in the canner while you're canning something else, p.c. or w.b.

  • Be sure to match the temp of the water and jar with the temp of the other product you're canning.

  • OR fill 7 jars and process them 15 min in a waterbath canner.

  • This water will store safely for years.

Congratulations, you now have sterile water. This can be drank directly from the jar after opening. It can be served to family and pets. It can be cooked with. It can be used to cleanse wounds. Keep some additional water on hand in jugs for washing dishes, clothes, flushing the toilet. (I save all my vinegar and laundry soap jugs for this purpose.) Plastic is not an ideal vessel to store water in for drinking. I also don't reuse lids on my canned water just because of the potential of flavoring the water with whatever the lid was used for the first time.

This is super simple and it's the number one thing I recommend to new canners just getting started. Can water. You can learn the process of your canner and how everything works while not being out anything if the seals fail. You also end up with an essential item on your shelf that didn't cost anything to put up. Happy canning!

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