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Just Why?

As we have discussed before, I cook mainly from scratch. I don't use many pre-made mixes and etc unless they are shared with me or I find them cheap. I am not at the point where I make bread everyday and will use commercial bread/buns if needed. I've put together a pantry that I work from daily for meals. Even when things are busy. I usually eat at home.

Handsome eats fast food for lunch 6 days a week while he is at work. How he does it, I will never know. A couple times a week, we will go out for food in the evenings and it's usually the local Mexican or Fish places. When the weather gets better and I'm working outside, I rely on fast food more for myself that I would like. And if we need to run to town for something, we will grab something fast so we can get back home before dark.

Recently, I've started having big trouble with fast food. Especially Mickey's. I won't eat there anymore at all. I might run through and get a glass of tea but that's pretty much it. HUGE stomachaches, bloated belly for days. The last time I ate Mickey's, I couldn't pass #2 for three flipping days; I was ready to start digging for it. I'm giving myself a stomachache just remembering it now.

If we run to town, our favorite place to grab quick supper is the Cheese-Curd's. I wasn't having trouble eating there, but this last time there was the stomachache and the bloating. Thankfully not the other issue.

Has anyone else noticed this? What has changed just in the last few months? Anyone in your family having issues with it or is it just me?

After going through this multiple times, I've been far more diligent about eating at home. Even if it is ham and beans for days. I don't want to feel like that again. And to have paid to get that stomachache; is just shitty. (pun intended)

This has doubled my resolve about the pantry, canning, cooking from scratch, and growing food. I wanna know what's in it.

I get asked alot about my love for cooking, canning and gardening. People just don't understand why the time, effort and pain of the food production and preservation is necessary. You can just go to the store. I don't think the labels are telling us everything. And I dunno about you, but trying to Google every weird ingredient is just overwhelming.

Food production and preservation is no longer an option. It's a necessity. If I'm going to be able to function, I have to be able to eat unadulterated food. Now I've got to get Handsome switched over. I can only have nightmares about what it's doing to his body....

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