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Trash Talk

Inside each trash can, down in the bottom, is the entire roll of trash bags. I can pull one off and reset the can really quickly without searching for the roll of bags. This works so well for me that I've started using this same system in all the cans, even the large trash can in the barn that takes 54 gallon bags.

That many rolls of bags is expensive to have to replace all at once. I buy a box here and there to spread the cost out. And it means that I've got bags on hand when I need them at any given time.

I figured up the other day that my favorite scented trash bags are 13 cents apiece now. WHAT?! Gonna have to start thinking outside the bag on this. I keep trash bags on hand all the time; it's a thing. I don't know if other people are as "trashy" as I am but I need to be able to tie that string and get that trash out to the dumpster or burn pile. Drives me nuts.

There are feed bags in the barn that I use to clean up messes there. Anytime I get a good box that I don't have another use for, I use it for trash or compost pile additions.

I remember using feed and seed sacks for trash bags inside the kitchen cans when I was a kid. I haven't been able to bring myself to that but it might be coming. They just can't be easily tied closed to hold everything in. I have alot of wind where I live and that makes the feed sack to trash bag conversion a bit difficult.

A 5 gallon bucket is kept handy for larger canning jobs and it fills up quickly with good stuff to add to the compost pile.

What are your tips and tricks for handling daily trash?

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