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Town... and Then, Town....

I'd been putting it off.... It was time.

Time for the dreaded trip to TOWN.

Groceries and various supplies were needed that I couldn't purchase online. I HAD to go to TOWN.

As you already know, I hate going into town. I will run in for something specific or if Handsome wants to drive me for a quick trip to dinner. Those trips aren't awful. But this trip, it was going to be awful. There were so many stops I needed to make and it was going to get expensive.

What is TOWN? Town is the closest heavily (in my book) populated area located semi-close to our little village. In this case, it's about a 45 min trip one way to TOWN. I can pretty much get what I need locally when it comes to fuel and a few groceries. I cannot get specialized grocery and craft items, good garden plants, animal feed or medications close to home. Once that list gets so long; I gotta make the big trip.

I made it through 3 stops before I was so overwhelmed from dealing with people and trying to find items. It was also a warm day. I washed the truck and went home. I hadn't tackled the big Wally trip yet either.

The following day, I took the kitty to her vet appointment and ended up sandwiching that appointment between 2 trips to Wally. I made it through the pharmacy, health and beauty, hardware, and garden areas the first trip. On the second trip, I made it through housewares, crafts and all the household and food areas. And I think I'm going to employ this technique the next time I need to go.

Doing it this way kept me having such a full cart because the list was so long. It also kept the cold items until later in the day to get back home with. And dealing with the people all over the aisles at different times, then having 2 different cashiers really helped.

Now, if I could get myself to go more often, I wouldn't have lists this long and need to spend hours/days doing these shopping trips. But about every 6 months or so, it becomes necessary and I bite the bullet and go. My excuse is always the fuel costs and grocery money, but really it's about the b.s. of dealing with making the trip. I haven't enjoyed shopping in public since sometime in my 30s.

Anyway, the supplies are all purchased and I'm home and trying to get it all put away. What have you had to do lately that you really didn't want to?

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