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Part flop, part yum

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Wanted a quick dinner so we could get chores done. Ended up hurriedly making sloppy joes, macaroni and cheese from a box (don't judge; I'm not about to waste food I'm given), and some canned peas. By the way, if anyone knows what to do to make canned peas more exciting, I'm all ears. I never know what to do to them, these weren't great. The mac and cheese didn't hold up in the oven while I cooked the meat so it was dry. I tried moistening it with more milk which diluted the flavor. Now I did get a "fantastic" about the sloppy joes... I started with my "cooked meat mix", no creative naming here. Basically ground meat, onions, peppers, garlic; all sauteed together until almost done.

I drained the meat. I then set a third of the mix into a container in the freezer and added 2 cans of commercial sloppy joe sauce to the remainder and simmered for 10 min.

I would have liked to let the mixture simmer longer but Handsome got off work on time last night so it was hurry up and eat. I'll be having leftovers for lunch and these kinds of things are always tastier the next day; not complaining. Doggie got the rest of my peas.... bleh.

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