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Fancy Crappy Food

During the sickness, I spent alot of time beating myself up for not being able to work like I normally would. While that is certainly not a mentally healthy course to take, it did spur me to attempt to work a few days. Nutrition has been the furthest concern during this time as just wanting to eat has been an issue, let alone availability of meals. Handsome was working and grabbing as much overtime as he could. As for cooking, the man can run a microwave, fry an egg, and go pick up from the restaurant. He is skilled at all 3, I can verify! I've basically eaten like a little kid for 3 months.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to prepare meals in addition to sitting up and working. What's the go to in this situation? Hot dogs and frozen pizzas. You can jazz them up so they aren't so blah.

I don't like froufrou on my hotdogs, just ketchup. To make them more palatable, boil them in half beer/ half water. Boiling takes alot of the salt and crap out of the hot dogs. I suppose you could broil them after boiling like brats, but I wasn't big on effort at that time.

Frozen pizza... it doesn't matter what kind, always add more cheese. Use whatever kind of cheese you have. I like to use slices because they are less messy than shredded. I always sprinkle on some Italian seasoning while I'm at it.

There you go. That's how to amplify junk food meals. I just knew this was amazingly helpful, mind-blowing information... You're welcome. :)

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