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Learning the Word

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

When I was little, I watched Dad read through the family's King James Version Bible. I couldn't grasp the strange sounding English that was used during that time, but he made it through the entire book. Talk about an example. That has stuck with me all this time. Reading through the Bible was on my bucket list.

I'm very much an introvert; always have been. Life has kicked me in the ass and I will say that has reinforced my introverted-ness. I'm not a hermit, per say, but it could happen.... Fitting into any type of group is basically out, I'm too different, or weird, or independent. Pick one. This is why I don't have a church home; that is a discussion for another day. I worship on my own and talk to my friends about Jesus.

I was raised to believe but didn't choose to be baptized until I was 11. I received my first Bible then, a New International Version. I've been to every manner of Christ-based churches, services and ceremonies. There really isn't much difference between them, from my experience. The Catholics and Lutherans do alot of stand-up/sit-down. I've enjoyed the music at all of them. I've even made my own joyful noise and while everyone turned around to see where that awful screeching was coming from, I sang my heart out anyway. God still thinks it's beautiful praise!

For Christmas, I purchased myself a New American Standard Bible. It's teal and leatherbound, so pretty. It's very easy to understand, there isn't alot of prose that doesn't make sense with today's dialect. This purchase was with the intention to read the Bible through. That hasn't gone as planned at all. I'm over 40 and with my eyes aging, I'm struggling with the print unless I'm under the office lights. I wasn't making time to read and basically got through the explanation pages and that was it. I needed a different way to be able to read the Bible and learn it.

The local TV over-the-air stations is all I have at home; I basically turn the TV on when there's a bad storm or a news story I wanna see. When I want to watch something, I'm on YouTube and there are several folks on there that I follow and learn from. A few weeks ago, a lady's channel popped up and she was reading through the Bible in one year and making a video everyday! Well that looked interesting so I thought this might get it done. I was starting in March and not January First like she did but my personal goal wasn't a year anyway.

Let me tell you, this process has been eye opening. I have learned so very much. I get a Bible Study in every few nights or a couple done on the weekends. The videos are a half hour to 1.5 hours long. Longer ones happen when there's alot to learn in that set of chapters. There's sooooo much information missing from regular church services. For example: I'm in the middle of Exodus right now. Moses has just gotten the people out of Egypt. Did you know that he had a speech impediment and his brother Aaron had to speak for him? We weren't taught that in any Sunday school or church service. I'm fascinated with the details of the stories; even the genealogy sections that tell you who came from whom.

The whole point of Bible study is to reflect on yourself and learn. I have definitely been doing that. Talk about opening up my heart and mind even more to receive God's Word!

Anyway, if this is something that is also on your list as well; look this lady up. She is explanatory and does the work and has dedicated alot of time and energy into doing this. The results have been amazing. Notes and Hues by Kanoe

This has been worth my time and effort to accomplish. I'm already planning a second read through to grasp what I'm missing this time.

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