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Gobbledy Gook

I kept seeing videos and posts about the 29 cents a pound turkeys, 55 cents a pound turkeys, 98 cents a pound turkeys.... Aldi was gonna match their 2019 Thanksgiving prices..... whatever.... I rarely travel to "town" anymore. I live nowhere close to a large population center, so finding GREAT deals on the turkey was gonna be a trick. I wanted the 98 cent deal. Tried Aldi, and they were $1.07 and that was NOT good enough (yes, those Dad genes are strong). I ran into town quick yesterday morning early, like 7am early, and was able to find the 98 cents a pound turkeys at Walmart! I bought 4. A turkey breast also showed up yesterday, another blessing!

I set 2 of the turkeys and the breast in the extra fridge to thaw. I've got a canning project for Thursday and Friday. I will take somemore crappy pix with my phone as I work on it. I don't have the equipment for filming yet.

We are gonna eat turkey and venison.... for years.... Ha!

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