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Fresh, Creamery Buttah....

Remember that movie? Kate & Leopold? Anyway, he was a Duke from the past that time traveled to the present accidentally. And she hired him to do a commercial for margarine. This is how my brain works.

Everything is better with butter, real butter. I was raised on margarine. I didn't know any different. Then one day I heard that margarine is ONE molecule away from being plastic. That was the end of that. Butter and only butter from here on out. If someone gives me margarine for some reason, I will find another home for it.

You will very very rarely see me use margarine in a recipe. The only thing I can think of is fudge. (And fudge requires a particular brand of margarine anyway.) There is too much water in butter for fudge to set correctly. That might be the one hold out. I haven't made fudge in years.

I remember Mom telling me about buying margarine when she was a kid and it was her "job" to stir the artificial coloring into the margarine before Grandma used it. That just gives me the heeby jeebies....

Anyway, if you're a margarine user; please consider the switch and count the cost of the butter towards your better health. It's scientifically proven now that trans fats are clogging arteries and raising cholesterol. This is despite what we were originally taught about how "good" margarine was for us and how "bad" butter was. Same thing with eggs I suppose.

"An Expert is just a drip under pressure." - Dad

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