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Fall Down, Go Boom

Dad would yell at me anytime I fell as a kid, "Did you fall down and go boom?!" And if it was really bad and I didn't calm down it was, "Do you need a bucket to catch the blood?!" Even if there was no blood.

I'm headed over to visit Grandma today, she fell down and went boom this weekend. She was trying to do laundry and got tangled up in her own feet. She is ok, bruised and aching and her pride is a bit bruised. I stopped and got her some flowers in the hopes she will have something pretty to keep her mind off the pain.

I'm hurting all over and avoiding my own work because I fell trying to get out of the truck last night. I'm ok, just achy and quite pissy. All I wanted to do was go out to dinner with Handsome.....

Let's not make this an epidemic and ya'll stay up on your own 2 feet!

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