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Big. Colorful. Um...

Go get yourself a hot cup of something; this is a tale.

This fall, whenever Handsome and I were traveling ANYWHERE; I kept seeing these 6 foot tall metal and colorfully painted roosters for sale or as decoration at people's houses and businesses. Of course, I had to make a joke that there were alot of big colorful c*cks around.... "Oh look honey! They've got a big colorful c*ck too!" Followed by maniacal laughing and fits of giggles.

They were literally everywhere we went! Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri.... I figured Handsome just got tired of my joke because he quit laughing at it even though I was having a grand time every time I saw one. Of course, it never occured to me to stop and take a pic with one of them. "I want a big colorful c*ck!" More giggles.

Last spring I hatched a clutch of eggs and ended up with 3 spare and very good looking roosters. They have their own coop; with signage, "Young C*cks Club". I'm a softy and can't bear to send them to freezer camp. (Although that one asshole with the curly tail really needs to go; the bruises on my legs say so. I take the broom with me when I go in there.)

Recently, BRC (Big Red C*ck) was getting picked on by his brother in their flock. He is now guardian over the entire chicken area and lives happily with the barn cat. I do believe she torments him more than being a friend to him.

As you can see, this has become a "thing"....

Color me happy when Handsome shows up unannounced Christmas Day with my gift.... My very own metal rooster! I laughed so hard I cried. (I was still at home, trying to keep everyone warm.) Note: He also spent quite a bit of money getting me new insulated coveralls and boots for the cold weather; those expensive items just aren't as much fun to talk about as BCC.

Please ignore the dust, I put him up high on a shelf. He is watching over my office (with an iron spur) and staying out of the way of the cat. Dust = real life.

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