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And I Didn't Find ANY Fleas!

Here's a little history lesson: Way back in the day, there used to be large outdoor gatherings of people selling used goods in Paris, France. They called them bazaars. Apparently, the items you purchased very possibly were infected with fleas and that's how the name Flea Market came to be. (Courtesy of several articles I found on Google.)

Handsome and I wanted to do something different. Even just get away from home for a few hours and see something besides home. We aren't partiers and we aren't good at staying up late. We kept seeing advertisements for a local flea market a couple hours away from home and it was gonna be on a Sunday! We loaded up early yesterday and drove over. It only took us an hour to get through the market but LOOKIE! I had the quarts of these but not the half gallons!!

The prices weren't bad either. Alot of times you go to that stuff and people have things so outrageously priced you just leave. Sadly, Handsome did not find anything. I think he did get some ideas for woodworking projects though. We even talked to some folks that only lived a half hour from us. Then we treated ourselves to a trip through Harbor Freight and the "big city" grocery store. (I know, seriously exciting...) I found an "artisanal" strawberry jam selling for $10 for 12 ounces.... I didn't check the egg prices, I should have.

What did ya'll do this weekend that was fun and different?

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