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Split Lip

I've mentioned before, I'm a natural-born klutz. Mom always called me "Grace" when I fell down, which was often. Anytime I work outside or in the barn, I end up with some type of little injury. I'm usually relatively safe indoors but there have been mishaps there too.

At the moment, I have 1 long scratch on my arm that I have no idea how I got, a bruised and punctured big toe from an old grass stem in the garden, a bruised foot from stepping on a rock in my flip flops, a purple spotted index finger where I pinched it in a gate, a screaming back from moving appliances, a sore hip from moving rocks, and today a split top lip from the doggie that was dancing and excited to see me.

Dad always used to preach, "No pain, no gain". I'm not sure if this is what he meant but I'm going to take it that way. Injuries means that I'm out trying to do something. I'm not sitting still. I'm working and trying to get everything done and then some.

What silly injury do you have right now from trying to get things done?

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