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It's Sedimentary, My Dear....

The food I make is real. It isn't perfect. Very often, the product inside the jars doesn't even look appetizing. However, if you leave my house still hungry, it is your own fault. I try to feed everyone that shows up.

You can create the prettiest soup or the most yummy smelling broth; then you process it. All of a sudden it looks like crap or vomit inside that jar. (Go back to the Don't Look post.) Everything settles out inside the jar while it is processing. If there are any particles smaller than any other, they will end up settled out. The meat and veggies tend to sink to the bottom and any sauce will stay on top.

The beef broth from this week's ordeal: I strained it through a fine sieve. I'm not picky enough to filter through a coffee filter. All that sediment in the bottom is flavor that will go into the soup, stew, or gravy that I make with it. I know, it doesn't look like store bought broth. That's the whole point. This is homemade food, more flavor, and you know what's in it!

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