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Today was my first day as an Egg Lady and I blew it. Twice over even.... I've been providing eggs for Bestie and Friendly for a few weeks now. The Fluffbums (chickens) have been in overdrive and there's been about 7 dozen a week! That's far more than Handsome and I can eat and I'm not in a position to waterglass eggs (put up for later) right now.

I found these super cute egg cartons** on Amazon and even made some stickers to decorate them with. I felt I was ready to become an Egg Lady. I had the eggs, the cute wrapping.... What I didn't have was the right schedule.

I had spoken with this new customer (yes, only 1 customer) last week and asked what time to meet her. She wasn't sure and she would let me know. Well.... at 8am she was ready for eggs and I was still doing chores. By the time I could get to town, she was already gonna be back home.

Boundaries are something I have always struggled with. I have always been way too nice to people and put myself last each and every damn time. I was still hungry, unshowered and I sure as to heck still needed to drink my tea for the morning. I promised myself a couple years ago that I would no longer cater my time to other people because they don't appreciate it. That is so very hard. My instinct was to hurry up, smelling like poo and run to this lady with unwashed eggs so she would have her eggs and I would have my $6. Stop. Rethink. You still have how many things to take care of for yourself? Go wash eggs, drink your tea.

She went home without eggs. I managed to get eggs washed so I could take some to Friendly. Then I smashed one when the dozen slid off the console of the truck; I had hit the brakes to grab the mail. Ho hum.... Not doing very well at this Egg Lady business. Missed a sale and even ruined product. Not a good start to my Egg Lady career!

What have you managed to botch today?

**I have signed up with the Amazon Associates Program. You can click this link to purchase the item that’s suggested. I may earn a small commission, which helps support this website.

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