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Dirt Therapy

Dirt Therapy: getting your hands dirty in the garden! Dirt is good for you; and what it grows is good for your belly and soul.

Dirt Therapy has kept me going the past couple weeks. Just getting to dig in the soil raises my mood.

It doesn't matter what I'm working on during a particular week. I do prefer to take Sundays "off" and do something I enjoy or even just take a nap. I did both yesterday. A little nap and some dirt therapy never hurt anybody. Even got some laundry done! Very often, I spend Sunday working on this blog. Chores are every day.

Looks like it's gonna be another stormy week starting tomorrow. I thought for sure I wouldn't be able to plant anything since Friday's storms; everything was just hanging wet. The high spot where I'm planting the potatoes dried out enough yesterday that I was able to get another 48 sets in. I'm still putting an egg and antacid tablet under each, but I'm running out of extra eggs so the next round might not get an egg. I'm saving the extra turkey eggs for the tomatoes.

"Why are you planting so many potatoes CJL?" These are leftover potatoes from winter. They have all started to sprout so I'm gonna try and get something out of them. First they gotta grow and produce. The next challenge will be to keep them nice over winter. I think the basement is damp enough but I'm afraid it will still be too warm. If nothing comes of them, I've fertilized the area they are going in very well and that spot will be ready for a different crop instead.

Handsome bought a 50 lb bag of Red Norland potato sets to plant! He said his garden is just now ready to till for the first time. Handsome is a tillage, commercial fertilizer and bare soil gardener. I am a no-diggy, mulch and compost gardener. We have very different gardening styles. He can do his however he likes and I help him. He lets me do mine the way I like and he helps me. We both have weeds and bugs! Ha!

I'm still eye balling a spot to try to get some sweet corn planted. I haven't gotten to do that for YEARS! The goal is to plant it in stages so we don't have an entire harvest at once. Will see how that goes. The soil isn't warm enough to plant beans yet but I have a spot picked out for them too. And then there's the onion sets I want to put in. An insane amount as well.

I've been working so much I haven't been cooking very often. It's all been canned items I've put up or frozen food. Can't wait for a kitchen day again!

How are things in your neck of the woods? Have you planted anything yet? Seen any flowers blooming?

My daffodils haven't thought about peeking their heads through, but I did see some along the road that put a smile on my face!

p.s. My back hurts!

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