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Yeah... Well....

So I tried to be defiant. I tried to plant outside the dates.... Ya know that saying, "Man plans and God laughs"? I'm there.

Handsome bought me those tomato plants, remember? I checked the month long forecast, remember? It said no more freezing temperatures well into May.

We just had over a week of temps in the high 70s to low 80s; very unusual for this time of year. The long term forecast didn't show any temps down into the 30s. This weather ridge we were under moved and brought some talky storms, nothing super crazy. But they also brought the usual April lower temps with them.

In anticipation of this, I had only planted 4 of the tomato plants. Whew. Do weather forecasters just go to school to learn how to lead people on? I'm just teasing, it's not their fault. It's mine. Temperatures were supposed to dip down to 35 last night. We made it to 39. It's supposed to be that cold again tonight. We did get a really nice and needed rain out of the system though.

I have 4 little tomato plants happily under steam filled plastic containers; held down by rocks. The rest of them are shut in the car until this storm finishes blowing over. THEN, you know what's gonna happen? It's supposed to get BELOW FREEZING next weekend again. That's probably our last frost coming in.

I'm going to go ahead and plant the rest of the tomatoes this week anyway. I will cover them next weekend.

The life of a gardener.... I tried folks!

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