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Tatey's Poppin!

I'm a helicopter gardener. Once I plant something I want IMMEDIATE results. My patience is very thin and I know this is God's way of joking with me. Ever since I planted the potatoes almost a month ago, I've been checking every day for sprouts. Nothing.

Everyday, there was atleast one potato that had lost it's cover of compost so there were tasks to do when I was staring at them.... But they just weren't coming up.

TA DA!!! And it's not just these, there are several others that have finally decided to come up.

NOW I'm excited. I feel like I've finally gotten something to grow. These took alot of watering during the 10 day 80 degree spell we had.

I plant alot of plant starts each spring. But planting an already growing plant in the ground versus getting a stubborn potato to pop through the ground are two different things.

Handsome got frustrated with his garden the other day and decided to pass his strawberry plants to me. I had worked up a little spot and was looking for some. I still had to go buy more because the spot I set up was larger than I initially figured. 75 strawberry plants isn't overdoing it, is it? Don't answer that.... After only a couple days in the ground, the original 50 have started sending up true leaves, so they think something is ok around here.

The cauliflower suffered through the hot temps and is much happier now that it is cooler out. I was hoping to plant the last batch of strawberries today, but it is snow flurrying... SNOW. Got down to 35 last night, supposed to be 30 tonight and again 32 tomorrow night. That's just crap.

The tomato starts shivered when I took them out of the truck this morning. I didn't even uncover the ones in the garden that are already planted.

Handsome said the farm report this morning showed a freeze in May again. That's also crap.

How's your garden growing? Hopefully it's warmer where you're at!

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