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Seed Haul - Rootin'

Growing potatoes and onions from sets each spring are skills I have mastered. Keeping enough compost on the potatoes and weeds out of the onions are my biggest challenges.

When I was a kid, I would grow radishes for Dad. At the time, I really didn't enjoy the "hot" flavor they had to them. Now that I've seen folks roast them in the oven, I'm intrigued and looking to maybe try a few this year. I'll just pick up some seeds for them at the local hardware store when I'm out and about.

Mom LOVES pickled beets. To the point she ate so many one time, her pee turned purple! I've not been successful the past two years to grow enough to make a batch of pickled beets for her, but I sure would like to. Detroit Dark Red was the beet of choice back in the day. I ordered Vulture from Hoss Tools, they are oblong and oval and I thought they would work nicely for pickled beets.

I love carrots and have never been successful at growing them. With the raised beds ready to go and having been settled for a few years now, I thought it was time to give them a try again. I tried to opt for shorter stockier roots instead of trying to grow long carrots that I would have to use the potato fork to harvest.

  • From Hoss', I ordered Hercules which is orange, 7 inches long and about 1.5 inches around.

  • From Pinetree, I ordered Dragon which is dark purple on the outside and orange inside; also 7 inches long. And Amarillo which is a light yellow variety with 8 inch roots.

  • From Baker's, I got Koral, which is an 8-9 inch orange carrot that is supposed to be resistant to splitting. I also ordered Uzbek Golden which is a short, stocky, yellow carrot that bulbs out a bit at the end of the root. And Jaune Obtuse Du Doubs (French heirloom), another yellow carrot that is supposed to store well.

How are you going to be rooting around in your garden?

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