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You Want Whipped Cream on That?

Handsome and I traveled to visit some friends this weekend. There's a little ice cream shop right on the corner of a major intersection in their town. We like to stop in there because they always have some unique flavors of soft-serve ice cream. (My personal favorite so far has been pina colada.) They also serve sloppy joes, hot dogs and such fare. Their flavor of the day was lemon so we decided to pass on ice cream and just get hot dogs for lunch. The poor girl behind the counter must have been having a bad day. She looked right at handsome and asked him if he wanted whipped cream on his hot dog. It was really funny. The poor thing turned beet red and hung her head. Handsome has now told umpteen people his new joke. It's become a thing. Hope ya'll had a great weekend and if you wanted whipped cream on your hot dog, I hope you got it!

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