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What a Pain

I'm over 40... Apparently this is everyday life now?

Old Preface: Several years ago, I hurt myself badly in a farm accident, tripped and fell, ruined my back.

Preface: I worked all day Wednesday, both desk work and regular chores. I even did some extra cleaning.

Then, I went to the gas station that evening and stepped up the 5 inch step into the building to pay for my fuel. And my back twinged. The lady behind the counter asked me if I was ok. I knew I was on borrowed time to get back home and settled before the pain got really bad. About a quarter mile from home, my time ran out. I was fully into a teary mess of pain and I still had to find the big pain pills, finish chores, shower and get laid down. (I keep big pain pills on hand for migraines but haven't had to take any for almost 2 years according to the bottle.) Needless to say, I freaked the crap out of Handsome. He helped me get everything done and left to go do his own chores.

Didn't take long for the pain pill to kick in and I was out like a light. Later that night I woke up and added some ibuprofen to the mix to keep the pain down. I hate taking the big pain pill because they make me feel so crappy the next day and that effect took all day Thursday to wear off. By Thursday night, I could sit up; albeit painfully. By Friday morning, I could more easily walk to the bathroom. Friday night I felt sooooo much better and basically overdid it with chores and going out for supper. I tried to work Saturday and did a little bit but the pain shooting from my neck to my knee on the left side put a kibosh on that. Today (Sunday) is much improved! Handsome has appeared in and out each day before and after work just to make sure I didn't hurt myself further and to make sure I ate. Couldn't have gotten through this without his help!

At the farm, there is barely cell service, no internet and I only have over-the-air TV. (I just can't justify paying for cable or dish anymore.) This means that I'm limited to what I can get to download on my phone and what's on the local TV channels for entertainment. If I would have been able to sit up, I could have gone through all the seed catalogs and did some bible study. Trying to keep myself and everyone warm during Frosty's Blow Job and now with this keeping me down: I'm SO tired of sitting still. I've never been good at it and I'm so thankful to be back upright again. I won't say that I'm in great shape and I'm still taking it easier than normal. I won't be canning or cooking anything big for a little while!

Are you over 40? What have you done that was silly and hurt yourself? I'm afraid this is what I have to look forward to every whipstitch....

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