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Water Filter Woes

The water here is very very hard and full of minerals. It comes from deep limestone wells below the plains in this part of the Midwest. That means when it comes out of the taps, it coats everything in lime scale. Every once in awhile it's even cloudy coming from the tap from all the minerals in it. If I brew tea with it straight up, the tea tastes bitter. If I can it straight from the tap, there is a layer of sediment in the bottom of the jars. While it is good water, it just creates problems in everyday living because it's so limey.

There's no room for a water softener system in the back room. However, I was able to fit a reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink. Silly me, not knowing any better, had the thing professionally installed and probably paid through the nose for it. Which meant that those folks were supposed to come back every six months and change out the filters. After talking to Handsome about it, we figured this was something we could easily tackle ourselves. Fast forward to ordering "standard" filters, not having a wrench to get the filters open (Handsome used a flexible oil filter wrench) and THEN finding that the filters don't match anything.....

I can still use my sink, I just can't make tea or can any water right now. I COULD drag out the water filter pitchers from way back when; but I don't wanna. I was able to find some of the parts and pieces online that supposedly fit this particular system. And I've hopefully found pieces to connect the "standard" filters to the system. This remains to be be seen. I'm not sure how long the shipping will take on the new parts but I will be updating our progress!

What do you use for drinking water filtration at home?

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