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Tea Time!

I'm having a rough January. First with hurting my back and then a bout of the flu. I'm finally back to work this morning and feeling much better all around. All I've wanted the past couple days is my cup of tea...

I started this habit years ago; back when Panera was a new place to eat and before there were Starbucks available in the Midwest. They had this drink called a Chai Tea Latte and I would happily pay $4 for one when I could get it. Surely there was a way to make it at home. I tried several different brands and configurations from powders to Keurig pods to liquid concentrates. I finally settled on one that I love the flavor of and have been drinking it since: Oregon Chai** liquid concentrate. Right now, Amazon has the cheapest price on the quart size boxes; sometimes Wally has a better price.

I fill the mug to about 2/3 full with the concentrate and add in whole milk to just below the rim. The flavor is on point and isn't too sweet. There's umpteen different flavor variations and umpteen different ways to mix it. I don't have a milk steamer which would elevate the tea quite nicely BUT it would need to be washed everyday. (When it's just me I'm feeding, I only end up running a load of dishes every couple days.) I heat the cup in the microwave for 2 minutes and it's just drinkable hot.

Handsome is a coffee drinker. He found a caramel coffee** he really enjoys. In the winter, he will get up and fix it for himself but it's not a daily thing. I don't even know how to make coffee! (Girlfriend fail on my part.)

Most days, even in winter, we drink unsweet iced tea. (I know, but... diabetes.) I use these Lipton** bags to make a gallon at a time. When I cater a dinner, I can get 2 gallons per tea bag; it just requires more patience. I fill the 8 cup measuring cup with filtered water and add the tea bag. Then I nuke (microwave) the whole thing for 6 minutes. Let that steep while I add ice cubes halfway up a gallon pitcher. Then squeeze out the tea bag and add in the hot tea and voila iced tea. My aunt used to add a little lemon juice and a touch of sugar to hers.

What is your daily drink of choice?

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