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Taking Up Space

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Very often, there's space for an extra jar of something in the canner. It's handy because it's a good way to get the occasional jar of something stocked up without having to run batches of it. Having the extra jar(s) inside the canner also means that the other jars of product will stay put and not move around or fall over during the processing time.

My favorite item to can one jar at a time is, water. It doesn't matter how long the processing time is, a jar of water will go along for the ride with the rest of the canner load just fine. Many times folks are instructed to just fill a jar with water to hold the space inside the canner. I say, why not add a lid to that jar and then have water on hand for emergencies. It is literally safe for years inside that jar and can be opened and drank without any fuss. The canned water is also sterile and can be used for wound cleaning in an emergency.

How to? I add filtered water to the jar, lid up and add to the canner. Then process for the length of time needed for whatever product is in the other jars. Let cool and label with the date canned. I have a whole section of shelf just for water.

Water is also a great thing to can when you're just starting out and learning. You can foul up and not be out anything.

If I'm running a pressure canner load and have a longer processing time, I will fix up a jar of chili beans and can those. See the post on Musical Fruit.

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