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Squishies & Flipper-dickers

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Cooking is "serious" business. You have to know and use the correct terminology or you will be misunderstood.....

Growing up, I never knew what to call alot of the usual kitchen utensils. I was in there by myself and left to my own devices. This was before Google and having information at your fingertips. (I had a 1950s set of Encyclopedia Britannica at home and the library 10 blocks away.) While what came out of the kitchen was usually edible, I was learning as I went. To this day, I call these 2 items by the names I gave them at the age of 7. I tend to confuse people by not being able to verbally spout SPATULA fast enough due to this encoding. This results in embarrassment on my part and astonished laughter from the other person. I present to you:

A Squishy

A Flipper-dicker

You're welcome.

Shameless plug: if you're in need of additional squishies** or flipper-dickers in your home, click on the links.

** I am an Amazon Associate and your purchase through this program gives me a little bit of commission and helps pay for this website.

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