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Seed Haul - Tomatoes

Preface: I did NOT need to buy more seeds. I have plenty of seeds on hand that would have made a great garden for 2023. I've saved seeds from about everything that came through my kitchen in the past year. I've passed on seeds to Bestie and other friends as I went so they would have seeds too. Purchasing seeds was not necessary; but I did it anyway!

Originally, I thought I would do a seed haul showing all the seeds I purchased for this spring. Then I realized how many types of things I purchased and I figured that would make an extremely long post. So let's break it up a bit and start with my FAVORITE vegetable (fruit?): Tomatoes!!!

I ended up purchasing from several different companies this year and to say I'm excited to get started with seeds is an understatement. I got so excited I even purchased one variety from 2 different companies. Oh well, more for another year.

Let's start with a tomato relative - the Tomatillo. I've been making more regional dishes than ever before and having veggies not normally available to me is part of that trend. From Baker Creek I ordered the new Chupon De Malinalco Tomatillo to try. These are larger than usual tomatillos and lemon colored. Supposedly good in either sweet or savory applications.

Now for the real babies: My usual production varieties of tomatoes are Red Deuce and Carolina Gold. Both are large, round and meaty with good flavor and will produce their heads off. But there's always new varieties to try and tomatoes are my FAVORITE.

The Tomato of the Year for me apparently is Blue Beech. I ordered it from both Pinetree and Johnny's! Blue Beech is an Heirloom tomato variety that is sausage shaped and is supposed to be larger than typical Roma types for making sauce. I used to lean heavily towards Amish Paste and will still have some plants but it never hurts to try another meaty sauce tomato.

From Pinetree, I'm trying Climbing Triple Crop. An Heirloom red tomato that is supposed to produce well. And from Territorial Seed Co, I ordered Buffalosun, a hybrid beefsteak variety with orange skin and some disease resistance.

Seeds N Such had quite a few new ones to me:

  • Giant Garden Paste, a hybrid that is exactly what it sounds to be, red meaty paste type tomatoes.

  • Genuwine, which is a hybrid with Costoluto Genovese and Brandywine parentage making large red flavorful tomatoes.

  • Cherokee Carbon, which is a hybrid crossing Cherokee Purple and Carbon for some dark purple beefsteak tomatoes.

  • Copia, an Heirloom with old fashioned flavor and orange/red streaks over a light yellow base; beefsteak style tomatoes.

  • Chocolate pear is another dark purple variety, an Heirloom cherry tomato with a booty.

  • Lemon Boy Plus; a new hybrid that takes the light yellow color and flavor of Lemon Boy and adds disease resistance. I've not done well with Lemon Boy in the past and hope that this new version gives me a boost.

Baker Creek also had several new to me Heirloom varieties.

  • White Tomesol was the free seed last year and I didn't get that as the free seed, everyone said they loved them so I wanted to try them too. It's a white (very light yellow) round tomato that's about palm sized.

  • Woodle Orange was a variety created in Iowa so should be good for raising here too. It's a slicing tomato, deep orange.

  • Ananas Noir comes highly recommended for flavor and just to show off; red, green and light yellow streaks on a large beefsteak tomato, yes please.

  • Sart Roloise I needed to try for the same reason; she has a light lemon yellow top and a deep purple stem side. A big slicer that's supposed to be very tasty.

  • Rosella is a dark smokey red color. A small cherry type, I can't wait to watch them grow!

  • Bread and Salt, a deep red oxheart type tomato that can be used for everything. Supposed to have lots of flavor but not be too tart.

What are your go-to and new-to-you tomato varieties?

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