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Seed Haul - Squash It

I haven't grown a Winter Squash in years. So of course I purchased 7 different kinds! This is in addition to all the different types of seeds I saved over the winter.

I pressure can shredded winter squash each year but have just been buying them to process instead of growing them. I'm hoping for pies, muffins and bread in the future.

Each year I see beautiful displays of winter squash and pumpkins that folks put out in their yards and always want to do the same thing. I'm not in a position to spend that much money to do this and I'm hoping by growing a variety, there will be enough to make a nice display.

There's a section of the yard that is rough and hangs wet. The plan is to place old tires several feet apart and fill the tires with compost. Then the squash can grow and vine to their hearts content. With the area being kinda wet, I was hoping they would have better access to water during the drier July/August time frame. This set up won't be sufficient for saving isolated seeds but it's the best I've got!

From Johnny's, I wanted to try the hybrid Honeynut squash. It's a smaller size Butternut type and is supposed to be very good flavor. The shape is a bit more squat than a usual Butternut and it's darker in color. Honeynut is a 110 day squash.

3 types came from Hoss Tools. The Amish Pie which is a fairly large, 60 to 80 pounds, but easy to grow Heirloom finishing at 100 days. Cherokee Tan Pumpkins have been highly recommended on a couple Youtube channels I watch. They are a round, tan, small, pie pumpkin with a long 110 day growing season but store well. They also had Seminole Pumpkin and from the photo appears to be the same thing but with a 90 day growing season instead.

Baker Creek also had a Seminole Squash. It is shaped exactly like Jimmy Gourd in Veggie Tales and if they start dancing in the garden, I might be a little freaked out.... It's a light tan with a bulbous bottom but narrower neck. Not as long of a neck as a Butternut or Cushaw. 120 day growing season so if I get it planted early, we should be able to make it to fall.

I'm curious how the Seminole Squash from Baker's will do versus the Cherokee Tan and Seminole Pumpkins from Hoss.

From Seeds N Such, I ordered Musquee de Provence. It is considered a pumpkin. It's a flattened type with deep ribs; almost a smokey tan color. 98 days should get us to 20 pounds so we shall see! I had bought a Rouge Vif d'Etampes (Cinderella) pumpkin last year and saved seeds. That sent me looking for more French Heirlooms.

Finally, from Pinetree I wanted to try Autumn Frost. These look like a squat Butternut squash or short field pumpkin; but the colors.... A light almost pink tan with green streaking and then overlay that with a glaze of white chalk paint. That is what they look like. 103 days til they are ready!

Which Winter Squash varieties are you looking to plant this year?

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