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Seed Haul - Rabbit Food

Not for the rabbits! For us hoomans! Since the grocery store is getting more and more expensive and neither Handsome nor I are getting any younger; salads are going to have to start being a regular dinner occurrence. I love salad. I hate buying salad. My brain forgets about things once they are "put away" and that means that as soon as that baggie of salad goes into the fridge; POOF! Gone! And then I've spent money for food that's wasted.

I haven't tried to grow lettuce since I was a kid. I have a raised bed garden that laid fallow last year, it's right next to the house and I'm planting that garden area to salad greens. Hopefully by walking past it all the time, I will pay attention to it and get greens harvested and onto our plates. If I don't, then the critters and compost pile have food too. I won't feel so badly about having purchased food that was shipped all the way from wherever and having it go bad in the fridge because I couldn't remember it was there.

Pinetree had a wealth of greens to try growing. Lettuce: I'm trying their Wild Garden Lettuce Mix and Speckled Amish Butterhead. Spinach: I'm trying their Pinetree Mix and Seaside. Then in a bookface post, somebody recommended the Chinese Pink Celery so I'm gonna try that. Baker Creek sends free seeds with every order above a certain amount. They send Merlot Lettuce and Hedou Tiny Bok Choy this year. I've got just the spots for them!

What are ya'll planting to keep your bellies full and vitamins up?

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