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Seed Haul - Peter Piper

We are not hot pepper people. I have seeds saved from some nice Jalepeno's and Poblano's I got from the farmer's market a couple years ago. Whatever those turn out to be will be enough hot peppers for us. Seeds N Such sent a free packet of Fire and Ice Pepper seed and I'm tempted....

I've been toying with the idea of growing and making alot more of the seasonings I use. I ordered Alma Paprika Pepper seeds from Territorial Seed Co. I still haven't gotten to play with the smoker Handsome got for me....

Sweet Banana peppers are a thing. I love to eat them and use them when I'm cooking. There's also an idea in my head to pickle some and I would need to grow an army of them for that. I find the original Sweet Banana variety to be a little thin walled and the fruits want to curl instead of growing straight. I ordered 2 hybrid varieties to try. From Territorial, I got Lola and from Johnny's I got Goddess.

For regular sweet peppers to try, I ordered Aruba from Seeds N Such; a cubanelle type with thicker walls and not pointy like the banana peppers. From Baker's I ordered Yellow Monster; just like the name sounds, a huge bell pepper that's supposed to be 4" by 8"!

I still have quite a few pepper seeds I've saved here and there. I just don't grow as many peppers as I do tomatoes but you still need peppers for cooking.

Is your house a spicy pepper house?

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