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Almost 3 years ago I planted a garden at home. I wasn't living there yet, I was in transition. I went out on a summer day to collect the ripe tomatoes for that time period and found them to be missing. Somebody had flipping STOLEN my ripe tomatoes! Vert da ferk.

In an earlier period of my life, I would have brushed it off and figured they needed the tomatoes more than I did. The realization of someone having gone onto my property, taken the time to pick the tomatoes, and not have gotten caught by anyone; wouldn't have occurred to me.

It occurs to me now. It took that incident to save up for and install security cameras covering the entire property. Said cameras also send notifications to my phone almost immediately. It's come in handy more than once and the poor Sheriff's department has had to make multiple flying trips out to my place for said trespassers I've caught; day and night.

I've got cameras set up at the farm too; I LOVE watching people see the camera and hurriedly turn around at the end of the driveway. Like duh, assholes; you've already been recorded!

If you can get cameras that light up when they turn on, all the better. I've seen alot of people drive by thinking the cameras were fake until they saw that light come on and all of a sudden, they found the accelerator! Duh, assholes, you've also already been recorded!

Let's talk about security. What do you have on your property to protect yourself, your family, your animals and your food? This is something to think about. This world isn't getting any less crazy. You need to be able to provide evidence in order to prosecute people. You need to be able to completely stop someone harming you and yours before they do fatal damage. (Cough, attitude adjuster.)

I'm urging you. I know it isn't cheap. I know it's also going to invade your own privacy. Go to the expense anyway. Scrimp somewhere else in the budget so you can afford the cameras, attitude adjuster, guard dog... Get over not being able to run out to shut the chicken door at night in your skivvies....

You will be surprised at the footage you receive when you set up the cameras. It might change your mind about how soon you need that fence, flood light, or gate.

While you're at it, upgrade the locks on all your doors too. (And not with something that connects to the internet that can be hacked.) You need to make trespassing, entry, and stealing take as long as possible for the perpetrator. The longer it appears to take to get what they want, the less likely they will be to even attempt their crime. Also, with the crime taking longer to commit, the better chance you have at catching them and pursuing prosecution.

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