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Cream Cheese Frosting is my go-to for most cakes. It is the ONLY frosting for cinnamon rolls. The local grocery reseller had bags of frozen cinnamon rolls for $2.50. So yeah... it's time for some cream cheese frosting! I've developed this recipe over the course of many years. It's just a few normal ingredients but bring them all together the right way and you've got heaven on a spoon.

I use this frosting for any kind of chocolate cake, red velvet cake, carrot cake, banana cake and of course, cinnamon rolls! The trick is to beat the hell out of the cheese, butter and sour cream. Keep going until the mixture turns a silky consistency. Then add in the vanilla and start adding the powdered sugar.

It's the sugar that makes the frosting. It's gonna be sweet regardless of how much you use. Use the amount of sugar to dictate what type of frosting you want. If you just want a schmear of frosting that is a bit heavier, don't add as much powdered sugar. If you want a creamy fluffy frosting, add the sugar in until you reach that consistency. It takes a minute or 2 after each addition to get to the desired consistency. If you're a decorator and want to pipe the frosting, a fluffier consistency is what you need. It will stand up to being piped and will hold it's shape. It's also a good idea to sift the powdered sugar first if you're going to pipe the frosting.

Here's the best part of this recipe: you can also use this as a glaze for a bundt cake or donuts. Talk about adding flavor. Make the frosting to the consistency you like, then thin it waaaaaayyyyyy down with milk until its smooth and will pour or dip onto whatever you've made.

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