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Recipe Keeper

You're probably wondering why I am so insistent on the 4x6 recipe cards....

I've got all my grandma's and my aunt's recipes and some of other people's grandma's recipes. I've got everything I find online. I've got pages marked with sticky notes in purchased recipe books. I've got whole legal pads full of notes and recipes I've scribbled in the heat of canning.

I've tried keeping a recipe box. I've tried keeping all the recipe books I like handy on a shelf. I've tried keeping a binder of printed pages of recipes to try. I've even tried keeping folders of recipes in file cabinets. I even have a folder on my phone for screen shots of recipes I take. None of these things really work well for me.

One day, years ago, I ordered a little recipe binder** that takes 4x6 cards** and holds 2 recipes per page. This was a game changer for me. I can add additional empty card pockets**. There are dividers** available that are customizable. Not only can I keep the recipes handy and organized, but they are right at my fingertips when I need them. I have 4 of them now and the recipes are divided into separate binders by category; meals & sides, baking, candy, and canning. Each binder is then divided inside by type/style of recipe; soups/stews, yeast breads, jams, cakes, side dishes, meats, etc.

Most canning recipe books are organized by waterbath vs pressure canning. I did not choose to separate mine this way as both canning types are used often and I'm equally comfortable with wb vs pc. I did divide by bulk ingredient. Example: tomatoes, apples/pears, fruits. various meats... That way when I'm knee deep in tomato season, I can just go to that section of my canning binder for ideas.

There also happens to be a slight addiction to collecting cute recipe cards**.... My handwriting is not great as my mind tends to work faster than my hand can keep up. The recipe cards you see on here usually take me 2 or 3 tries to get written legibly. I've tried going through and typing cards into the computer but the effect is not the same as writing the cards out by hand.

If you ever have a question about anything written on the recipe cards, do not hesitate to ask!

**I have signed up with the Amazon Associates Program. You can click this link to purchase the item that’s suggested. I may earn a small commission, which helps support this website.

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