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MMMMM..... Cheesecake....

This is it, the one that started it all. The original cheesecake recipe that I made that very first year I took over Christmas dinner. This cheesecake was made absolutely every single year and perched high on the prettiest cake stand I could find. So it was made this year mid-January on a weeknight... so what? Things change. (Picture Homer Simpson drooling.)

This recipe has been given out and tweaked and remade atleast a hundred times. Speech classes in both high school and college got this recipe. I know it by heart and it's a damned good thing too, the recipe card is missing from my book. Talk about pissed when I saw it was missing. I just wanted to double check myself and I couldn't. So I pulled this out of my brain, solely from memory and thank God that file drawer up top opened. Just a few ingredients, so very easy to put together. The hardest thing to come by is the pan.

I'm used to specialized equipment with canning. For cheesecakes, it's a springform pan**. All that means is that the sides have a latch that flips back to open the ring that the sides of the pan creates. That leaves the flat bottom flat and supporting the weight of the cake inside of the pan. It also means easy storage of the cheesecake. You just add the ring back on, flip the latch into place and cover the top with foil. Very often, you can get a set of 3 pans for less than $30. I don't like the dark colored pans as I don't like a dark crust when I'm baking. The cheapest silver set you can get is genuinely the best option unless you're going to be making cheesecakes everyday. My original set of pans lasted a few decades before I lost them in the move.

Alot of cheesecake recipes have a lot of frou-frou rules about bain marie and wrapping the pan in foil and whatever, this requires none of that. You just bake it like a cake. (Unless your springform pan leaks, then you're gonna want a sheet pan underneath it. Cough cough....)

Give this recipe a try and wow your friends and family without even trying. It's so very very simple to make!

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