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Livin' On Casserole

Springtime blessed us with an abundance of eggs to use up. I'd only been cooking on the rare days that I felt well enough to cook all day long. That means that when I'm cooking, I'm fixing enough for an army (for the freezer), not just Handsome and I. Something I bumped across online was a recipe for a sausage breakfast casserole. It used up alot of eggs and we had sausage on hand from the pigs we had processed awhile ago. Hmmm....

Fast forward a couple months and I've had to buy sausage repeatedly and now bulk-fry several pounds of sausage at a time just to have on hand to fix this casserole quickly. It's become a staple and I've been making it a couple times a month. It reheats well. I cut it into 8 slices and put it in containers. One slice on a paper plate, cut up into 6 pieces; reheats perfectly at 1.5 minutes in the microwave.

Not gonna lie, there have been days that I ate this 3 times in one day. It's so easy to reheat. If you're feeling crappy but have to eat anyway, it's easy on the tummy too. I see it as a high-protein meal; maybe not the tater tot part though....

If you're needing more spice, you can use spicier sausage or add in more seasonings to the eggs. We can't take the heat around here, so it stays pretty mild.

Hope ya'll get as much enjoyment out of this recipe as we have!

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