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Lifesaver in a Jar

Cooked Meat Mix saves the day once again! The convenience factor of opening a jar of already browned, ground meat is an incredible timesaver.

During the storm, all the electrical circuits were taken up with extra heaters. I ate cold sandwiches. Once the weather broke and I could focus on making some hot food; it was so easy to open a jar and add the "hamburger helper" mix to the meat. I had a meal ready in minutes and it was hot which was the first obstacle. I've gotten 2 quick lunches out of that one 15 minute cook and it's such a blessing.

I've tried canning sloppy joes and taco meat already seasoned and ready to go. The sloppy joe sauce scorched from the heat of the pressure canner. The taco meat gave me extra heartburn that I don't experience when I fix it fresh. Taking a jar of the CMM and adding the desired seasoning is so fast. I'm also not dirtying up as many dishes each time as the browning and draining of the meat is already done.

I keep saying I'm going to keep canning more and more of it. I use it almost as fast as I get it canned up.

I'm tellin' ya. Pressure canning will completely change how you fix your everyday meals.

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