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Kitchen Day

I needed a kitchen day. I was desperate to get some of these jars put away, the fridge cleaned out and cook some real food. Usually with me though, it turns out to be multiple days instead of just one. I start on a project, i.e. cleaning out the fridge, and end up scrubbing the kitchen sink and cabinets instead.

I didn't get any jars organized except the empty ones and they just got set on a spare shelf to get them out of my way. (I hate when I've cleaned a jar and then, because of my big patootie, I run into the cabinet and the jar falls down and busts. This has happened more than once as you can tell.)

I did get the kitchen towels washed up. They aren't put away yet.

I did not get the fridge cleaned out. I threw out the yucky food but that's all. Back in the day, I had the fridge on a monthly clean out schedule. I will get back to that; someday....

So I cooked, quite a bit of food. And we went grocery shopping. And that left me with dishes and more food needing organized.

Dishes: I hate dishes. I LOVE to cook, but hate to do dishes. It's not as bad of an aversion as it was when I was younger. Just a necessary evil at this point. I cannot just dirty up one dish when cooking. They multiply in the sink and I end up with 2 or 3 dishwasher loads full. I'm just ever so very thankful that I live in a world where dishwashers exist!

And now, a few days later, we've eaten all the yummy food and now there is "nothing" to eat again. Time to cook somemore!

I think I need yet another kitchen day.....

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