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Katy the Clepto

(Stock photo I found. Can't get her to hold still long enough for a pic yet.)

Handsome has been working alot of overtime and also picked up a side job. This left his dog Katy and I alone to our own devices. Katy is a little black and white doggie that he has had for a few years. She has just been lost without him home as much in the evenings; acting up and digging to China. So I offered for Katy to stay with me and my crew for awhile.

Katy USED to be an outside only dog. She has discovered the comfort of a dog bed. Of course she chose the largest one in the house and kicked my big girl out of it. It's really quite funny, she smiles so big and is so proud of herself. I'll just go buy another one and set it in the other corner for my girl.

Night before last, I got up at my usual 6am to find that my shoes, socks, pants and sweatshirt were missing from the bedside table. Hmmm.... I went hunting and found all the items strewn in several different places on their way to said dog bed. I haven't had a dog steal my things for quite some time so this was a shock. Katy just rolled over and wanted her belly rubbed, teeth bared in her little smile.

She hasn't had any trouble fitting in. She sure is a wiggly little thing. I have a feeling that for as long as she does stay, it's going to be interesting and comical!

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