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Juggling it All

I'm trying to keep all these balls in the air at once. It doesn't work well.

I watched a video last year of a lady stating that it might look like she had it all together but she really didn't and that was OK! When one thing was going right, she said, another thing was slipping by her. When you see someone out and about doing something, or even on a YouTube video, you make an automatic assumption that everything else in their life is going well and getting done. I've got news for ya, that ain't how it works. That isn't how any of this works.

I'm betting you know exactly what I'm talking about. You've been able to make it to each kid's games all week long. You look like super soccer mom right now. You've gotten them to and from the games, fed and put to bed on time. The other moms that might have missed a game or been late or forgotten snacks are thinking you must have your shit to-geth-er. They can't see or even think about the fact that your dishes and laundry haven't been touched all week. And you haven't seen your hubby in days. And nobody better look in the back of the car to see the pile of trash that's riding along with ya'll....

You've been working overtime all week long and now they want you to work the weekend too. You look like a model employee to them; been to work on time all week and stayed late. Gonna come in on the weekend; even managed to remember your lunch box each day. They don't realize that your family hasn't seen you all week; you just fall into the chair when you get home to fall asleep and then get up in the morning to do it all again. You haven't taken out the trash, kissed your girlfriend, petted the dog, even talked to your parents for days. You're picking dirty jeans out of the laundry because you haven't been home to get it done. They don't see or realize that is what you're actually going through. They automatically assume that everything is just peachy.

I've been doing the same thing recently. Between actual work, trying to keep myself and the animals fed, laundry, dishes, the garden.... It simply cannot all get done at once. You cannot be in 3 places at once any better than I can. And I stopped attempting to multi-task years ago. The world is speeding up; not slowing down.

STOP berating yourself for trying to do so many things at once and not a single one of them is going well. Choose the most important one for the day and start with that. Then you can pick up the next thing the next day. It won't stay like this forever.

It took me 3 days to get caught back up on laundry since I had been trying to garden and supply-shop. I've not cooked an actual meal in a couple weeks. I've had to force myself to stop and load the dishwasher just so I could have plates. We won't even talk about the vacuuming and dust.... Handsome showed up to help spring clean the chicken coop. I wasn't going to turn that down for anything. That tabled my other projects for a few days.

You're always going to have a list of things that need doing; along with the list of things you want to do. Not a single person can have everything together all of the time. I guarantee you that there's something in everyone's life that needs doing that they cannot get to today. I also guarantee there's someone that thinks you must have your shit together and everything is hunky dory and comparing themselves to you.

I'm sure you've noticed I've had a couple breaks in posting lately. I've not been able to stay ontop of everything at the same time. I had to make room for other things before I could get back to this. And I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

What have you been attempting to juggle all at the same time?

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