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Updated: Dec 10, 2022

I can still remember Dad yelling.... PUT IT RIGHT BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT! Well..... I got so good at it, he couldn't even tell I used the tool; unless he saw me using it.

Has this passed over into my own everyday life? Nope.

I want it to.

I do have a few things that if you move them, I will have a fit (maybe this can help other folks like me):

  • There's a pair of scissors** that LIVE in the knife block. Use them, wash them, put the damn things right back.

  • When I take the weights off the pressure canners**, the weights go right into the silverware drawer in their cubbie.

  • There are 2 magnetic timers that live on the range hood, one for above each canner.

  • The magnetic lid wand** gets stuck to a particular knife in the knife block, no where else.

  • The church key** I use to open jars is stuck to a magnet on the fridge and better not move.

  • Lids ready to use go in the little white basket that lives on the microwave.

  • Trash bags live on the shelf next to the trash cans. You may take a bag, not the roll.

  • There is a sharpie marker in the zipper bag drawer, use it and put it right back!

  • Yes, there's a separate drawer for bags and one for foils, wraps, and papers.

  • Plastic and wood utensils in one crock, metal in the other except for the blue enamel ladle cause I will need it.

Here's a few that I'm working on:

  • Canners live on the top shelf in the pantry.

  • The food chopper** and mandolin** have their own garage (container) in the pantry and get returned when clean.

  • The manual food mills** and the mixer attachment food mill**, also have their own garage and are returned after cleaning.

There are several needing to be implemented:

  • Tea and milk have their own shelf in the door of the fridge.

  • Kitchenaids** and their attachments..... need I say more?

  • All other small appliances, food processor**, ice cream maker**, etc need a home

  • Empty plastic food containers and their lids. They have their own cabinet already, it shouldn't be this hard.

  • Herb and Spice organization, the racks** are purchased but still in the boxes.

  • The jar lifter** tends to travel away and get left, not even in the kitchen.

  • Hot pads.... grrrrr

I guess after the holidays it's time for organization according to the sales that companies have.... I fight with it everyday. I know I'm not alone. Would you share your tales, pet peeves and hacks?

** I'm an Amazon Associate. This means if you click on the link and possibly buy something linked on this website, I might get a little commission that helps support the cost of this blog.

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