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Foxy Nemesis

Foxy moved in sometime last winter. She lives under one of the sheds and has made a home base out of MY yard. Her boyfriend lives up the road a couple miles. 2 kits greeted me on the gravel pile in the night last winter and then I started seeing Foxy on the security cameras. Well.... That's gonna be a problem. I lost all my chickens in 2021 due to a badger and now this? Why is my yard gonna be home base? Aren't there other, more attractive fox holes somewhere? I already knew I wasn't going to be letting my chickens out of their coops because of the (now dead) badger. I decided not to worry about her too much and go on about my business.

Last spring, Foxy had other plans and those plans included thwarting most of my efforts in the garden. I like to add a healthy scoop of Espoma** fertilizer underneath each tomato transplant. Foxy thought it smelled perfect for digging up. Every morning I would go out and find limp tomato plants laying there with the hole dug out and the fertilizer missing. THEN she almost took out a stray cat that had moved into the well house. (Said stray cat moved in with me but that's another story.)

Google says you have to transport a fox 10-20 miles away to encourage it to relocate permanently. I would really like to allow my chickens more freedom this year. I would like to be able to garden in peace! I know some of you are rolling their eyes and saying just shoot the thing. (Hold onto your panties Margaret.) I'm not against it, but the reconnaissance required to shoot her eats into my sleep time and a live trap can be set and forgotten til morning. I know she likes to dig in the compost....

Who is your garden nemesis?!

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