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Fast Soup!

The other day, I was hungry for soup; specifically, chicken noodle. I have everything on hand to make it and a bag of egg noodles ready to go.... I literally pulled jars of food off the shelves, dumped it in the pot, adjusted seasoning and ate the soup.

But it was SUPER salty. Oh no, how do I fix this? I must have added more salt than I realized when I was canning everything. It's rare for me to cook anything that is overly salty unless it was pre-prepared food that came in a box. This was out of my skillset. Cooking will do that to you. Every once in awhile, God throws out a wrinkle to keep you on your toes!

I googled what to do. One site said to thin the broth with water, so I added a quart. One site said to add a potato and cook it in the soup to soak up the salt, I had the leftover baked potato from the fancy dinner so I cut it up and added it to the soup. This soup was still so salty, it almost felt like hot and spicy on my tongue. It was a good thing Handsome wasn't coming to eat it.

I really didn't know what else to do so I put the lid on the soup and stuck it in the fridge. Sometimes, food doesn't taste as salty the second day and very often I have to add salt to leftovers. My theory was that maybe that would work in this instance. I left the soup in the fridge to think about itself for the entire weekend. It worked. There is still a taste of some extra salt there, but it's lessened enough to be edible! Like big spoonfuls edible! Yay! I can't stand when food doesn't turn out. It's so upsetting.

If I had the extra time to whip out a loaf of the Herbed Batter Bread, that would have been amazing with this soup!

What have you fouled up in the kitchen lately?

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