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It's another gray-spitting-freezing-rain day in February.... Blah!

Time to raid the pantry for lunch! Thank goodness for all that canning. I don't travel unless I have to when there is weather.

I've been hankering for chicken noodle soup. I've got all the fixin's canned for it. Mirepoix, turkey, broth and I've got some egg noodles on hand! Shouldn't be too difficult. Yep, gonna make up some yummy soup for lunch. That will also give me more jars to re-fill and lids to re-use! Yay!

Then I will head to the farm to get the animals prepared for a cold night, supposed to get down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Thank goodness it's only supposed to be for 1 night. The weekend is supposed to be sunny and 45 which is fine by me for February.

What are you cooking on this cold day?

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