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You ever finally get something taken care of and you find out that you didn't realize how much it was actually bothering you?

We remodeled the kitchen several years ago and the original faucet died in 2019. It was a spectacular failure of the thing falling apart in my hand and water spraying everywhere. There's a hardware store nearby and while they don't carry everything you could need, they did happen to have a kitchen faucet on hand that could get the sink back going that morning. (We live 45 minutes from the big box stores.) Handsome was able to get them switched out and all was good; functionally. I was thankful I had a working faucet.

I HATED that faucet, but I was determined to use it up and wear it out. It was cheaply made, a funny shape and I couldn't fit large pots underneath the thing to fill them. It didn't take long for the thing to start to leak; 18 months or so... I was able to tighten up the fittings and kept it going (or so I thought) til last week. Water started spraying up from under the center neck. I couldn't tighten the fitting down anymore either. I'm good with a screwdriver or pliers but not much else. Handsome has to be the one to actually FIX things.

I called Handsome.... With work, he wasn't able to get to it until Sunday and I didn't think much about it until I turned the damned thing on each time. Water everywhere. Thankfully, this time, I was ready with the new faucet I wanted on hand. (It's chrome and not brushed nickel. Brushed nickel was $20 more for the same damn faucet; who's gonna care, the dogs?) I wasn't feeling very well on Sunday morning and I woke up looking for Handsome and had to call him to find him. He was under the sink, replacing the faucet for me! YAY! I don't think he understands how appreciated his repair skills are.

Of course, the new faucet worked perfectly the first time I turned it on. While I was so thankful it was fixed, the realization of how much this would benefit my everyday life hadn't hit me yet. I wasn't working in the kitchen on Sunday. Of course, I've now been in the kitchen everyday since. The sprayer sprays really well! The faucet swings back and forth freely without spraying water! And the taps shut off tightly and don't turn even further back than they should. I can fit big pots under the spout and not have to fight with it. AND the kicker, it isn't leaking underneath the sink like it apparently had been for quite some time. There is some damage in the cabinet underneath that I knew nothing about. I had no reason to be under there to check for drips.

In the grand scheme of life, it doesn't seem like a crappy faucet should be that big of a concern. But isn't this the same for so many things in life? It's the small things that make the biggest difference. The "devil is in the details", so to speak. It takes the smallest amount of basil to change the flavor of my stir fry but it's necessary for it to taste "right". A single well-timed hug from someone you love can turn your whole outlook around. I was using that crappy faucet every single flipping day and it irritated me each and every time.

What is the little irritating thing in your daily that needs to be switched out? If it's a simple fix, hop to it!

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