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Dishes and Laundry....

It's never ending! Dishes and Laundry! In fact, I'm avoiding doing said dishes and laundry by taking time to write this post! Ha!

I'm tired (again). I rode with Handsome in the work truck yesterday; he woke me up at 3am to load up and head out. He's not in great shape today either. I don't know if it's because we are both over 40 or because of regular health issues that neither of us can do 16-18 hour days anymore. We also haven't traveled that many miles, in a day, for a few years now.

Boy was I thankful I had made Sausage, Taters and Onions the other day. We were able to eat as soon as we got home, do have-to chores and then head to bed.

I tried going to bed early the night before and fell asleep earlier than usual. That also meant that some of the regular chores didn't get done. Today is catch up day and I'm just not feeling it. As soon as I finish the dishes and laundry, you know there will be another dish to add to the sink again and a towel that ends up in the wash basket. Ugh.

This afternoon is filled with errands. Tomorrow is going to be crazy again as I'm riding along with my favorite Old-Timer to the auction.

The doggies are NOT going to be happy at being left behind again....

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