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Ciao! Carne de Cervo

The above is Italian for "Hello Deer Meat".... (Thank you Google Translate.)

I've been racking my brain for different ideas to flavor all this deer meat and have a variety of things to serve instead of just one type of venison dinner. Neither of us can handle alot of hot and spicy foods. It makes Handsome downright angry if he gets ahold of something spicy unexpectedly. As it turns out, the precooked beef strips I bought are just a little bit spicy. They are also very salty. I was planning to use those as the base flavoring in deer cubes but I need to mitigate that flavor a little bit.

Insomnia to the rescue, Italian Beef and Mississippi Pot Roast came to mind. After going through several recipes online, thawing the meat, washing a bunch of jars, and running back to the grocery reseller for extra seasoning, I was ready to start canning today.

I've written up recipe cards as I figured the regular amount of seasonings when the meat isn't already seasoned. I adjusted the seasoning to account for the precooked beef strips I'm using.

Because I cannot create anything on a small scale and it was cheaper to buy the big jar, I now own 3/4 of a gallon of pepperoncini peppers.... (I see a re-canning session in my near future.)

Next up: stew.

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