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Cheesy Eggs With CHEESE!

I've learned all kinds of cooking tricks from various people over the years. This particular one came from an ex. He was picky about how his eggs were fried. They weren't pretty but he always added a slice of cheese ontop of them to cover that up. I had never had a fried egg with anything added but salt and pepper. This was a revelation and became a thing. "Whaddya want for breakfast?" "Cheesy eggs with cheese!"

I had managed to get really sick. During that time in my life, I was having ALOT of digestive issues without solutions and had a colonoscopy the day before. Then, Ex brought the stomach flu home.... I landed in the ER with dehydration and passed out on the stretcher. When I was awakened by the inept nurse putting an IV in backwards, she asked me what I wanted to eat first when I felt better. Ex was standing in the doorway and my aggravated mother was sitting in the chair next to the stretcher. I blurted out, at the top of my lungs, Cheesy eggs with CHEESE!!!!!!! Nurse leaves laughing, Ex was laughing, Mother is left perplexed.

I was so out of it, Ex had to explain the eggs. With that, it really has always become a thing. Back when I cooked for a crew, I fixed the eggs like this. Turns out it was a revelation for them as well. Occasionally I would ask what they wanted and would hear, "Cheesy Eggs with CHEESE!"

These are the tales we are left with in life.

How do you make Cheesy Eggs with CHEESE?! Fry eggs to your liking and just before they are done, add a slice of the type of cheese you like best to the top. Let that melt and serve with whatever sides you like.

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